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Cour16 website

1. General.

In order to respect your privacy, cour16.com website (hereinafter referred to as Cour16) takes the measures described in this privacy statement. We attach great importance to protecting the privacy of our customers, subscribers, readers, browsers and users.

With this privacy statement, we intend to inform you as comprehensively as possible about the data that we collect, the reasons why we collect it, and the control you have over it.

Purchasing our products or services or using our services, websites and applications implies that you are aware of the provisions and measures in this privacy statement and that you understand and accept them.

Cour16 reserves the right to adapt its privacy policy at any time, as long as it informs users of this via the website or by email. The changes automatically come into effect once they are published.

The processing of personal data within cour16.com is subject to Great Britain and British law.

2. Collecting personal data.

Cour16 website collects, stores and processes personal data belonging to its customers, browsers and users of its services, information sites and web stores.

By “personal data” we mean data about an identifiable person (i) that you give us; (ii) that we assign to you to allow you to use our products and services; (iii) that we obtain by the use you make of our products and services; (iv) that is passed on to us by third parties.

2.1. Personal data that is specifically communicated:

Certain personal data must be specifically communicated: when taking out a subscription, buying products, using certain parts of a website or an application, registering for an event or an action or creating a user account or a profile. This data is regarded as having been provided by you willingly.

Depending on the service used, it might include the following categories of personal data:

Surname, first name, appellative, sex, date of birth, linguistic preference or age.

Postal address, post code, town/city, email address, landline number or mobile number.

Bank account number.

Professional data (profession, job title etc.) or data relating to education or training, if relevant given the nature of the publication or service.

Data about the subscription or information about the reason for cancelling the subscription.

Any preferences or areas of interest that you communicate via registration forms, social media accounts, actions, mobile applications, competitions etc.

Answers to requests for feedback about our products or services, within the context of satisfaction questionnaires or market research.

If applicable: financial details and information about your solvency.

You guarantee the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the data that you give to us. Providing incorrect data or data belonging to third parties may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of access (full or partial) to certain products and services provided by Cour16.

2.2. Personal data that is collected automatically:

Other data is automatically collected when you use our websites or mobile and digital applications, via cookies or other systems that store information, such as IP addresses, the device being used, the website visited or the application used, the language and browser etc. To use certain websites or applications you will need to sign in.

Depending on the service or application used, signing in involves the following data:

 1. If you sign in to one of websites or applications via a social media account (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.), we may – as long as you have given us permission – extract information from this for the profiles that you create on our website.

 2. When using digital applications (websites, tablet or Smartphone apps etc.), the following data may be stored:

 1. Location data: this data will help us identify your (approximate) location

 2. Time, frequency and duration of use

 3. How you use our newsletters or websites, or the articles, videos, photos and pages that you view, read or share

 4. How you came to our website (referral or keyword)

 5. If you use ad-blocking software when you visit our websites

 6. The device, system software or browser that you use.

We use this data, among other things, so that we can offer you as a customer a better, more personalized experience, and to be able to adapt and improve our products and services.

3. Storage of and access to personal data.

The personal data provided or collected, whether specifically or automatically, is integrated and processed in the file belonging to Cour16.

Cour16 (contact@cour16.com) is responsible for this personal data and monitors how it is used.

The data is also automatically available to the companies connected to Cour16, including:

Cour16, registered office at 16 rue de la Grange Batelière, 75009 Paris, France.

Cour16 will not keep your data longer than required by legislation or than required for the purposes described in this document.

Details of subscribers, readers, account holders or recipients of newsletters or one of our publications are subject to the following storage policy:

For fiscal reasons, a subscriber’s data is kept for 7 years after the end of the subscription.

Details of non-subscribers, purchasers of single copies of products, readers, account holders and recipients of newsletters are deleted if there has been no interaction for 5 years.

4. Processing personal data.

The data that might be collected as described above may be combined to help us make sure our products and services fit in better with your personal needs. Your personal data may be enriched or added to with additional details that are either publicly available or that come from partners or providers of external data.

By “data processing” or “processing data”, we mean any use of personal data. The concept of “processing” encompasses, among other things, collecting, establishing, filing, keeping, updating, modifying, consulting, using, distributing or, in any way whatsoever, providing, gathering, combining, archiving, deleting or permanently destroying personal data.

We process personal data for different reasons. For each reason, we only process the data needed to fulfill the specific objective.

We use personal data:

 1. When we are authorized to do so. In this case, we process personal data for the specific purposes for which we are authorized to do so.

 2. Within the context of the execution of a contract or agreement, for example a subscription to one of our publications, purchasing products or the provision of a service requested by the person involved.

 3. In order to satisfy legal or regulatory provisions to which we are subject, such as fiscal obligations for example.

 4. When Cour16 has a legitimate interest in doing so, in which case we will always try to find a balance between this interest and respecting the privacy of the person involved. 

Cour16 regards the following as necessary within the context of its legitimate interest:

 1. Direct marketing, including in particular promotional communication via email, telephone, post, advertising or other channels

 2. to existing customers and subscribers in order to offer

 3. actions, promotions, invitations to events, offers and advantages offered by the titles for which they have a subscription

 4. subscription offers for other similar titles

 5. to visitors to events if they have taken part in a similar event

 6. to advertising contacts

 7. Direct marketing for the purposes of business development: including in particular promotional communication to prospective customers via telephone, post, advertising or other channels.

 8. The explicit or automatic collection and combination of personal data (as described in point 2.) in order to better identify the profile and preferences and supposed interests of customers (such as subscribers) and prospective customers (such as non-paying visitors to websites) and use this data in order to personalize the products and services offered via direct marketing, direct applications (such as websites or apps) or targeted advertising campaigns.

 9. Controlled release: release of a publication within a defined target group to which the publication is sent free of charge.

 10. The management of commercial information

In some cases, we use anonymous data, aggregated for commercial purposes or the purposes of external reporting. This data can never identify a particular individual.


5. Purpose of the processing of personal data.

When authorized, if required, we gather and process personal data for the following practical purposes:

 1. To deliver products and services: For the administrative management of customers in order to provide products or services (such as the management of your subscription, sending or providing a product purchased), manage registrations for an event or conference, or to identify the winners of competitions that you have entered.

 2. (Direct) marketing: To contact you for marketing purposes and inform you of our (new) products, services, competitions, actions and offers, as well as those of other companies within Cour16.

 3. Personalization and targeting: To make sure our website(s), newsletters, digital applications and, in particular, advertising fits in with your preferences or profile. To send you targeted offers and promotions that fit in with your preferences or profile, or to avoid sending you the same message several times via different channels.

 4. To combat fraud or the misuse of our platforms or digital applications.

 5. Market research and analysis: We may use your data and consumer profile to assess our products and services.

 6. To fulfill our legal obligations. We may be legally obliged to keep certain personal data or to pass it on to the authorities. Within the context of a police or judicial inquiry, we are obliged to provide certain data on a confidential basis to the competent authorities. For the purposes of research, tests and statistics, including in particular in order to analyse trends. We may use anonymous, aggregated data, for example to produce internal and external reports about the use of our services – for example on the intensity with which certain sites, apps or digital services are used, or the success of certain programmes or channels. It is not possible to identify an individual from the data used within this context. The information that we extract from these analyses is used to assess our portfolio of products and services and our current processes, and to adapt them to new developments.

 7. New purposes: We may use your data for new purposes that are not yet covered by our privacy statement. If applicable, we will contact you by email or via the website before using your data for these new purposes, in order to inform you of the changes to our privacy rules and give you the opportunity to withhold your agreement.


6. Minors.

Cour16 strives to respect the privacy of minors and encourages parents to get actively involved in their children’s online activities.

Cour16 will not knowingly or intentionally collect personal data relating to minors. When minors visit a Cour16 website, Cour16 encourages them to inform their parents of their online activities and ask for their advice before passing on personal data to Cour16.

When minors would like to create an account, Cour16 encourages them to read the privacy statement carefully alongside their parents.

We recommend that minors use a pseudonym rather than their real name in their email address. Furthermore, we recommend that they only provide the information needed to use Cour16’s online service.

Furthermore, parental permission is required to take out a subscription and ask for products or services offered by Cour16 via websites. The subscriptions, products and services are always subject to Cour16’s terms and conditions.

7. Security of your personal data.

Cour16 takes the appropriate organizational and technical security measures needed to protect your personal data and respect your privacy in order to avoid the loss, illegal use or modification of the information that we collect. This is an obligation of means and not an obligation of result.

Our company’s employees who have access to your personal data are carefully chosen and their number is limited. Access to your personal data is given to them insofar as they need it to do their job properly.

Our websites sometimes contain links to third party sites (for example: social media, organizers of events that we sponsor), whose terms and conditions of use are not covered by the scope of this privacy policy. We advise that you take the time to read their policy on protecting your personal data.

As far as the international communication of personal data is concerned, we protect your data in accordance with the protection levels required by french regulations.

8. Sharing your personal data.

We do not sell or pass on personal data to third parties or commercial partners, except:

to our rights holders and other companies within Cour16 (subsidiaries and sister companies, for example) for the same purposes as those described in this privacy statement;

when we need to share your details in order to provide our services: for certain aspects of our products and services, we do in fact work with third parties or use subcontractors. We only share your data for exactly the same purposes as those for which it is used within Cour16. We make sure that, like us, these third parties manage your data securely, respectfully and responsibly.

your data may be passed on to our partners and clients so that they or other companies (such as commercial partners, the charity sector and non-profit organisations and the public sector, as well as interest and opinion groups) can offer you products and services based on your marketing profile or carry out market research. Within this context, your data may also be used to validate, correct or connect data already present in their database. If you do not want your data to be passed on to our partners, we invite you to exercise your right to object as explained in this document;

when there is a legal obligation to pass on the data or at the request of legal authorities or the police;

when you authorize us to do so.

If Cour16 were to share personal data with third parties in any way other than those described above, this sharing would be the subject of a specific message including information about these third parties, the reason for the sharing and how it is expected to be processed. When required by legislation, we ask for your express prior authorization. You are also given the opportunity to object.

9. Right to access, correct, delete or limit processing.

Via our website https://cour16.com, you can edit or delete your details.

Furthermore, you always have a right to access, correct, delete or limit as well as the right to object, free of charge, to the processing, movement and sharing of your data.

To this end, you can:

either write to Cour16, “à l’attention de Sébastien Le Mitouard, Galerie Cour16, 16 rue de la Grange Batelière, 75009 Paris, France”.

or send an email to: contact@cour16.com

To allow you to exercise your right to access, and to avoid the unauthorized publication of your personal data, you will be asked to prove your identity. Therefore, when you exercise your right to access, we ask that you include a copy of both sides of your ID card with your written request, whether by email or post.

Cour16 has one month to grant your request. Please note that this period only starts when Cour16 receives your written request and has all the information needed to fulfill your request. If necessary, this deadline may be extended by two months, taking into account the complexity and number of requests. In this case, you will be informed of the extension and the reason for the delay within one month of receipt of the request.

10. Right to object to the use of your data for direct marketing or commercial purposes.

You have the right to object, without the need to give reasons, to the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes, as well as to it being passed on to third parties.

If you give us your postal address:

You may receive our regular mail shots containing information about our products, services and events.

You may receive mail shots from our commercial partners offering products or services you might be interested in.

If you would rather not, please send an email to contact@cour16.com, specifying your exact name and address.

If you give us your landline or mobile telephone number:

You may receive telephone calls or text messages containing information about our products, services and events. You may be contacted by other companies with whom we are contractually linked.

If you would rather not, please send an email to contact@cour16.com.

If you give us your email address:

You may receive emails from us containing information about our products, services and events.

If you would like to unsubscribe all commercial or promotional emails from Cour16, please email contact@cour16.com.

NB: we reserve the right to contact you electronically within the context of fulfilling your contract or if obliged by law. As a reader or subscriber – whether as a trial or not, and whether or not you pay for it – you may be contacted by us, either by telephone or email, within the context of your registration or subscription.

11. Complaints.

If you have any complaints about the processing of your personal data, please email contact@cour16.com. You can also complain to your local privacy commission, if you feel we have breached any privacy laws when processing your personal data. This right is granted to you without prejudice to any other administrative or legal recourse from which you might benefit.

12. Cour16’s policy on browsing websites and the use of cookies.

If you visit a website or use a digital application belonging to Cour16, cookies, files or technologies that save information on your devices (PC, laptop, Smartphone, tablet etc.) or access information already stored on your terminal equipment, may be used.

Access to our websites and the use of our applications implies acceptance of the use of these cookies, files and technologies by our company. If cookies are disabled in your browser, we cannot guarantee that the website will work as well as it should.

These files and technologies may be made up of cookies (or web beacons), log files, settings and information on your terminal equipment:

Cookies are small files that are stored or read on your terminal equipment when you visit or use our website.

Web beacons are (invisible) image files contained in the web page or an email. They are used to provide information about visitors’ behavior when they visit our website or open and read information sent to them by email. Web beacons are one aspect of the third-party technology that we use to map visitor activity on our website. They mean we can find out which computer has been used to visit certain parts of the site, when this visit took place, and where (country/town). Among other things, the log files can collect information about your web browser’s activities. Your PC, laptop, Smartphone and tablet, as well as the applications on them, may contain information about the type of device, application settings etc. These settings can be read. We make sure that the files and technologies used by Cour16 do not contain any viruses or any other harmful application. These files and technologies can be temporary (session cookies, deleted when you close the browser), or permanent (persistent cookies, which stay in place until they expire or until you delete them), or both. Some of these cookies, files and technologies are stored and managed by third parties, and are needed, among other things, to make it possible to share information via social media, or use certain functions on our apps. If such files and technologies are used by third parties via a website belonging to Cour16 in order to collect, process and potentially enrich data automatically, Cour16 is not responsible for this. Some of these files and technologies contain data that can directly or indirectly identify you. For any additional information and your rights when it comes to the processing of your personal data, please see our privacy statement. 
The use of these cookies, files and technologies means we can:

 1. make our site more user-friendly, for example:

 2. by recognizing you more easily as a customer, so you don’t have to keep entering your username and password;

 3. by saving your browsing preferences, so you don’t have to keep specifying: your language, your region or location, your subscription, your preferred themes, your search preferences etc.;

 4. they mean you can easily navigate around website, or guarantee its interactive features;

 5. they save your purchases or the details entered from one web page or browser session to the next. For example: the products added to your basket, the fields completed in a form.

 6. regulate advertising pressure (by remembering the number of times an advertisement has been shown);

 7. understand how the website is used, which elements of the website are visited and how often;

 8. adapt the content of websites, applications and advertisements to your profile (e.g. your age, sex, region etc.) or your previous browsing behavior, in combination with or separate from information from third party sources;

 9. Advertising cookies allow a website to send personalized advertising messages.

 10. optimise the way the website or application function, identify errors or misuse: improve the speed at which web pages are loaded, guarantee security, test the website or users, detect misuse and permitted age. For example: load balancing, detecting the number of login attempts, an automatic logout function, A/B testing;

 11. establish whether you use ad-blocking technology.

The data that is collected automatically, including in particular by cookies and other information-gathering systems/applications, may be shared without specific authorization.

The length of time this is stored varies from cookie to cookie. Generally, cookies are stored until the user deletes them. You can disable cookies, web beacons, log files and other files and technologies used by Cour16 or third parties insofar as and according to the methods explained below. Deleting or disabling cookies, web beacons, log files and ad-blocking detection tools runs the risk of compromising optimum use of the website.

How these elements are disabled varies from one browser to another. 
If necessary, refer to the help section for your browser:

Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

Google chrome link: 

Chrome answer 95647

Mozilla Firefox link:

Support Mozilla

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Opera link: 

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