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Dessin noir et or n°32, 1974

65.00 x  25.59 x  50.00 x  19.69 x  0.00 cm 0.00 inch
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Indian ink and ink wash, enhanced with gouache on gold background

65 x 50 cm

Signed and dated at the top left, titled, dated and countersigned on the reverse

"The work will be included in the Catalogue Raisonné being prepared by Monsieur Sébastien Le Mitouard"

Victor Laks's drawing promises to be an emergence phenomenon, not born but born. It is decoding, deconstruction of code which, from the start, turns around to become encryption for another stranger. Take everything away, that still-unassigned; there, figures that make up the lines of buried forces, the surge of stifled conflicts and the knots of desires. The contradictions thus betrayed are amused in the acute dialectic of black and white (denial of gray), of the fixed and the moving (refusal of the immobile), of the full and the void (horror of the void). Imperative postulate of the baroque when the movement dooms the forms to tireless metamorphoses, to expansions which, as if to disavow the limits of the constraining sheet, throw the dimensions adrift. Swirls. Loops and tendrils, sinuses and spirals. Vortex. Dizziness of an imagination drunk with space: to see in their flight the lines of the drawing embracing the universe. Space of the sheet, space of a present, space of an instant ... Mirror sheets too, surfaces capturing chimeras reflections of ephemeral evidence. Multiplied, they confirm, combine, exchange in continuous progress their words to signify and to sign a quest which, without outcome or prologue, returns to its object only to lose it, pursue it again.-br -br -em Jean-Clarence Lambert in "Victor Laks - feuilles de Présence" - Galerie Christiane Colin, November-December 1975 - Paris.

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